Tribological behaviour of different electrical steel during stamping process

Industries in packaging sector, automobile sectors etc. are using increasingly stamping process as sheet-metal working to get high quality product with less cost. The tribological conditions in sheet metal forming influences the flow of material in forming operations, the strain distributions of sheet material, extent of wear, and thereby the quality of products. During stamping, tribological conditions influences the quality of product and durability of process and tools. Therefore, the subject of friction during sliding contact between the surfaces of moving punch and stamped materials must be understood.

In the present study, tribological test is designed well considering the fresh contact of materials with tool during each step of stamping. The designed tribological tests are executed on four different grades of electrical steels being stamped in automobile companies. Tribological tests of different steels are conducted against 100Cr6 steel ball in dry conditions under the normal load of 190 N. The sliding speed of 0.05 m/sec is maintained during the test with stroke length of 10 mm.