Study of tribological performance of different commercial vanishing oils for stamping

In this study, tribological properties (friction, wear, presence of transfer films), for contact configuration WC-Co/metal sheet, in presence of different commercial fully formulated lubricants and under real stamping contact conditions, were studied.

Results show that the selection of the proper lubricant for stamping is of the great importance, since improper selection of lubricant can lead to much higher friction compared to dry, un-lubricated, contact. The coefficient of friction is thus in correlation with the amount of metal transfer film from metal sheet to tool. Namely, higher amount of transfer film on tool leads to the contact metal sheet/metal transfer film (same material) and this consequently to the higher coefficient of friction. What is more, higher amount of metal transfer film significantly increases also the roughness of tool.


The publication is free available on the website (pages 132 and 133):