Tribology during the stamping phenomenon of steels

To ensure high durability in stamping, the subject of friction during the process and wear of tool materials resulting from sliding contact between the surfaces of moving punch and stamped materials must be addressed properly. In this study, considering the fresh surface of stamping materials in contact with repeated contact of punch, tribological test has been designed well. The designed tribological test executed for four different grade materials steels (N1, N2, C5 and BL) being used as electromagnetic materials stamped for automobile companies. Tribological performance of these materials are elucidated under the load 190N against 100Cr6 steel ball in dry conditions. The frequency of test is maintained at 2.5 Hz for 10 mm of stroke length. Moreover, the physics of friction and materials degradation mechanisms are highly dependent on the mechanical behavior of materials. SEM images of wear scar showed abrasion, spalling, smoothing, micro-cracking and sever plastic deformation as dominant wear mechanism with different. Further, a correlation between mechanical behavior of materials is with their wear volume is elucidated.


The contribution has been presented within 46th Leeds-Lyon conference: