Effect of base oil for stamping on friction and tool wear

Lubricants used in stamping differ in chemical composition and associated physical properties. In this study lubricants with different chemical composition (water, paraffinic oil and naphthenic oil) and viscosity (0.7 cSt, 2 cSt and 20 cSt) were used and their influence on the frictional behavior of the sheet-tool contact and wear of contact surfaces was evaluated. Both oils with a higher viscosity (20 cSt) provided best performance, while among the oils with a low viscosity (2 cSt) only naphthenic oil shows suitable tribological performance. Paraffinic low viscosity oil in provides inadequate lubricating film due to too low a surface tension, leading to a large amount of transfer film from the sheet metal to the tool and a very high coefficient of friction. On the other hand, water, despite its lowest viscosity, provides adequate lubrication due to its high surface tension.


The contribution has been presented within Slotrib conference.

The full paper can be found here.